Everyday should be Sunday

Lately it my life appears to be occupied with accomplishing my resolutions that I’ve set up some time ago. They weren’t New Years resolution, I’ve figured them out long time before that but it took me a while to set my mind up and go for it.

First of all, my Outback time came to an end in November last year. This was a turning point, when I looked back on what I have done with my personal development and after deeper consideration the result was: not much. I mean, living in the Outback may seem like you’ve got so much time on your hands coz there are no distractions out there, but my hands were filled with work and growing responsibilities. I’ve learnt a lot, pushed myself to the limits with getting better and processing as a manager of a small Outback store somewhere far away from the civilised world but I lost myself in that really. I stopped taking photos and using my camera, haven’t read a book in months, stopped listening to music and enjoying life the way it used to be. And after the winter and over 15 months out in bush it hit me: I have got to change my ways. Move, read, sing, be silly- who cares! Just learn to laugh  again and stop being so serious! Job does not define us- job help us to cope in the materialistic world. Life is not about working. It is about having fun everywhere you can! OLA_9828

Living in town brought me back to life. Actually my resolutions did. My list is long but there is no deadline. Starting from eating healthy, gym classes and looking after myself properly, moving to dusting my old favourite photography passion and developing new skills: be able to play the guitar- for myself, to sit by the fire and sing as horrible as I only can, and learn how to knit. Yes, that’s right- knitting just like our grandmas did.

In my busy schedule it’s hard to fit in all my plans but I’m gonna take it slow. All the weekdays are spent between jobs and the gym- results are good, in 3 weeks lost nearly 6kg (is it my little hero inside me cheering I can hear?) but weekends are for other joys. Especially Sunday. Oh Sunday is my day. It’s slow and nice that I could live Sunday everyday. Cozy morning awaking when I don’t have to rush, put my uniform on and run. Just stretch. And lay in. Then it’s time for other pleasures: one hour of gym classes including yoga (it’s the best thing you can do to release the tension), come back home and jump in the pool, listen to the music and float. Let the sun sizzle your skin a bit and the wind whisper through the surface of your body.

Sun. Fun. Pleasure. Blessings. This is what life is about.


About Ola in Wonderland

I'm polish living in Alice Springs, Australia. It's been a great blessing to me in so many ways that I will try to share my happiness of being in this wonderful place with you guys. I'm just Ola in Wonderland :)
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