Fit week


In the world of constant, persistent and overwhelming chase for being fit it was just a matter of time when I realise it’s about time for me to get back on track.

I do not write about my personal matters, as my very personal matters actually, but today I feel like I can make an exceptions of the rule πŸ˜‰

As for me living in Alice Springs in definitely good for keeping fit, most places are nearby so you can make a 25 mins walk from North side to the town centre anytime, getting to work or back home it’s not as much of a trouble: it’s healthy and doable. For now I’m getting a lift to work Monday to Friday and sometimes a ride back home too, although I actually prefer to take a walk on my way back home.

Last Wednesday I signed up for Get Physical program run by Maria & Tracy who have already gained their fitness goals starting off like many of us- strong will and activity every day. For $99 AUD for 40- day program you get to learn how to change the way you liveIt’s crazy to see how many people, including myself, are struggling with healthy and active lifestyle. We are surrounded by all these healthy options, supermarkets are packed with low fat and no fat food, diet drinks or even zero sugar drinks. It that really so good for us? What’s the catch? Nothing comes for free or easy way when it comes to this- brands will do anything to get you buy their product. You can learn this all on Get Physical Wednesday meetings where you get measured and explained how to get you back in shape.

The most important is to stay active and cut down on the amount of food in daily intake. It’s not about counting calories, swallowing pills or following the diets you don’t understand. It is about finding new, healthy way of living. Start it now and live it forever.Β My first gym training the next day, after the GF meeting, was an hour of Get Fit where you just squeeze every single part of your body. The day after I took a break, and on Saturday I did kettle and managed through half classes of the step, but I couldn’t keep up and it was hilarious to watch myself in the mirror. Today I went for Get balanced classes and it was great- yoga time! The program provide so many options so you can never make a an excuse not to be able to choose one a day.Β On top of that you’ve got to watch how you are eating, work out the whole new plan. Write down your daily efforts. I also use my FitBit wristband to count my steps and activity, it’s an amazing motivation when you ready your records before bed. Just keep it up 1ok+ steps a day and work our for at least 30 mins a day. Done, done and done.

I’m really happy and proud of myself and a friend who is my company at the gym and the biggest support in this challenge. We can make it! Yes, we can.


About Ola in Wonderland

I'm polish living in Alice Springs, Australia. It's been a great blessing to me in so many ways that I will try to share my happiness of being in this wonderful place with you guys. I'm just Ola in Wonderland :)
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