‘Sausage Fest- is it just for girls?’

As funny as it may sound, sausage fest is nothing that might cross a naughty mind. It’s actual sausage fest.

That’s one of the most amazing things about Alice Springs that makes this place so special to me. Saturday afternoon spent at the local sports club with a very small group of friends, sausage and a beer. Could you ask for more? Well, actually I could. The weather in Alice these days reaches 36 degrees by 11am, every day until the dry season starts. Pretty much you can sizzle your sausage without using barbie at all 😜 and pour the beer down on you to cool down. Oh wait, that all sound naughty again! Well, I guess just when it comes to sausage fest no matter how serious you’ll try to make it sound like, all the thoughts will go one direction. And that’s just fine.

So about the sausages: all the food was provided by local butcher with a choice of 22 flavours, including crocodile & cranberry, kangaroo, camel- oh how Australian of them, followed by more tasties such as pork & maple, Missisupi and American mild, chicken & herb, Turkish lamb sausage, Mexican chorizo and Italian mild. All $2AUD each served with fresh bread. On top of that there was a whole choice of locally made chutney and sauces and you could even purchase a bottle to take one home with you. So what would be your choice of the sausage? Β Well, if you missed out today you still can find out next year as that’s annual thing in Alice Springs social Β calendar πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌπŸŒ­

This way I made my blog come back to life after couple of years. I’m grateful to my very special friend Rafi who reminded me that it’s all worth writing. I have so much to catch up on. Even just for two of us.




About Ola in Wonderland

I'm polish living in Alice Springs, Australia. It's been a great blessing to me in so many ways that I will try to share my happiness of being in this wonderful place with you guys. I'm just Ola in Wonderland :)
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