Time flies

Classy me. I set this blog up 10 month ago thinking it will help me keep good memories from Australia, save some thoughts and contemplations and the most of all- inspire me.
Well, I forgot about it. Not maybe deliberately, but I did. I should not have. Now is so much to catch up! 
It has been 338 days since I arrived in Brisbane, Australia on 16 of July 2013. 338 days of freedom, joy, nostalgy, but most likely adventure. One never know what the next days is going to be. 
Australia has got that something what I want in life. This feeling of freedom and indifference. 
So far I managed to stay in 6 of 7 states: Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Northern Territory. I did not skip places every day. I like to stay in one for a while and enjoy it or move away. I did not copied casual backpackers tracks and I don’t want to.

I do it my way. We do it. I’m still with Kes and I am happy to admit that traveling together made us stronger. More than ever before.
Maybe it’s the magic of the tent. Maybe it’s the dependance on each other in a strange land what made us better. Whatever it is, I am grateful.
See, there are only few thing in life that make you better person. Everyone can name one’s own ones. It’s like counting blessings. Some of them I count twice.
Time goes like in this crazy spin, round and round. Faster and faster. Living on a suitcase (or, in my case, a backpack). But who cares. This is my time, given only once! Even sometimes I wish I had planned it better, I would never change it.
Every day is sunny and warm, every day I am in the end of the world. Every day I can’t imagine going back home. But time flies and in a couple of weeks I have my flight back home. Will I get on board? …


About Ola in Wonderland

I'm polish living in Alice Springs, Australia. It's been a great blessing to me in so many ways that I will try to share my happiness of being in this wonderful place with you guys. I'm just Ola in Wonderland :)
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