Take time. Chill. Love. Repeat.

It’s another Sunday and I’m sitting outside in the garden, by the pool that I spent the other half of the day staring up in the sky, thinking about happiness. I thought of my parents, my siblings and how have they been living compering to what my life is now, over here in Australia.
For many of us life just goes on and while it happens the time that slips through our fingers is never gonna come back. On a daily basis we are put in a chase to accomplish, to satisfy, to make it. We plan our life according to woking schedule  or other responsibilities like raising children, and it feels like it determins our destiny. But does it really?

Take two steps back and look at your current life. Is this what you always wanted? Or at least are you feeling you are one step closer to the life you’ve dreamed of? Can you honestly say you like your life? I truly hope you said YES to all these questions!

For most of the people I know living is like spinning in a circle, caught up in the ruitine when most of the time one satisfies others, but not oneself. Arranging, calculating, work- home, shopping, kids, sleep. And that’s perfectly fine as long as you are not loosing yourself. You make your loved ones happy by giving them all you can.  Can you be ever happy making others happy? I could never agree. Just look around, take a good look in the mirror. What have you done just for yourself lately? What’s you hobby? Are you ever spending sometime alone? Can you enjoy it? Are you able to relax?

I had have taken the look in the mirror and I didn’t entirely like what I saw. There were things to be changed. Things to be done just for me. I made a list in my head what I dislike and what I’d like to do. You can write it down, hang it on the wall, read it over and over again. Changes are possible and necessary. Soon, it turned out to be easier then I thought. No more excuses, no more ‘I don’t have time or energy’. I’ve learnt to find this time, to be all by myself and find out what I like to do. No more ‘together Ola’ at all times. One must have space to breath and reboot. If you can’t find this space for yourself you are really lost. It doesn’t take much, just do it once and before you know you’ll seek it

again. It’s gonna be easier to take one whole hour just for yourself. You might not be able to do it everyday but try. This time is there for you, just have to notice it and grab it by the balls. Be focused and organised. It really doesn’t matter what is going to fill this time, just chill, or eat or listen to the music. Learn to meditate or read the book that’s been sitting on a shelf for too long. That is love and commitment to yourself.There is time for you and once you do it you will discover whole new YOU.

I promise.



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Everyday should be Sunday

Lately it my life appears to be occupied with accomplishing my resolutions that I’ve set up some time ago. They weren’t New Years resolution, I’ve figured them out long time before that but it took me a while to set my mind up and go for it.

First of all, my Outback time came to an end in November last year. This was a turning point, when I looked back on what I have done with my personal development and after deeper consideration the result was: not much. I mean, living in the Outback may seem like you’ve got so much time on your hands coz there are no distractions out there, but my hands were filled with work and growing responsibilities. I’ve learnt a lot, pushed myself to the limits with getting better and processing as a manager of a small Outback store somewhere far away from the civilised world but I lost myself in that really. I stopped taking photos and using my camera, haven’t read a book in months, stopped listening to music and enjoying life the way it used to be. And after the winter and over 15 months out in bush it hit me: I have got to change my ways. Move, read, sing, be silly- who cares! Just learn to laugh  again and stop being so serious! Job does not define us- job help us to cope in the materialistic world. Life is not about working. It is about having fun everywhere you can! OLA_9828

Living in town brought me back to life. Actually my resolutions did. My list is long but there is no deadline. Starting from eating healthy, gym classes and looking after myself properly, moving to dusting my old favourite photography passion and developing new skills: be able to play the guitar- for myself, to sit by the fire and sing as horrible as I only can, and learn how to knit. Yes, that’s right- knitting just like our grandmas did.

In my busy schedule it’s hard to fit in all my plans but I’m gonna take it slow. All the weekdays are spent between jobs and the gym- results are good, in 3 weeks lost nearly 6kg (is it my little hero inside me cheering I can hear?) but weekends are for other joys. Especially Sunday. Oh Sunday is my day. It’s slow and nice that I could live Sunday everyday. Cozy morning awaking when I don’t have to rush, put my uniform on and run. Just stretch. And lay in. Then it’s time for other pleasures: one hour of gym classes including yoga (it’s the best thing you can do to release the tension), come back home and jump in the pool, listen to the music and float. Let the sun sizzle your skin a bit and the wind whisper through the surface of your body.

Sun. Fun. Pleasure. Blessings. This is what life is about.

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Fit week


In the world of constant, persistent and overwhelming chase for being fit it was just a matter of time when I realise it’s about time for me to get back on track.

I do not write about my personal matters, as my very personal matters actually, but today I feel like I can make an exceptions of the rule 😉

As for me living in Alice Springs in definitely good for keeping fit, most places are nearby so you can make a 25 mins walk from North side to the town centre anytime, getting to work or back home it’s not as much of a trouble: it’s healthy and doable. For now I’m getting a lift to work Monday to Friday and sometimes a ride back home too, although I actually prefer to take a walk on my way back home.

Last Wednesday I signed up for Get Physical program run by Maria & Tracy who have already gained their fitness goals starting off like many of us- strong will and activity every day. For $99 AUD for 40- day program you get to learn how to change the way you liveIt’s crazy to see how many people, including myself, are struggling with healthy and active lifestyle. We are surrounded by all these healthy options, supermarkets are packed with low fat and no fat food, diet drinks or even zero sugar drinks. It that really so good for us? What’s the catch? Nothing comes for free or easy way when it comes to this- brands will do anything to get you buy their product. You can learn this all on Get Physical Wednesday meetings where you get measured and explained how to get you back in shape.

The most important is to stay active and cut down on the amount of food in daily intake. It’s not about counting calories, swallowing pills or following the diets you don’t understand. It is about finding new, healthy way of living. Start it now and live it forever. My first gym training the next day, after the GF meeting, was an hour of Get Fit where you just squeeze every single part of your body. The day after I took a break, and on Saturday I did kettle and managed through half classes of the step, but I couldn’t keep up and it was hilarious to watch myself in the mirror. Today I went for Get balanced classes and it was great- yoga time! The program provide so many options so you can never make a an excuse not to be able to choose one a day. On top of that you’ve got to watch how you are eating, work out the whole new plan. Write down your daily efforts. I also use my FitBit wristband to count my steps and activity, it’s an amazing motivation when you ready your records before bed. Just keep it up 1ok+ steps a day and work our for at least 30 mins a day. Done, done and done.

I’m really happy and proud of myself and a friend who is my company at the gym and the biggest support in this challenge. We can make it! Yes, we can.

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Australia Day tomorrow!

For those who are not familiar with Australia Day, it is a official National day of Australia. We celebrate it on the 26th of January to memorize the arrival of the first British Fleet of ships at Port Jackson, NSW and raising the British flag by Governor Arthur Philip at Sydney Cove.

These days Australians celebrate it by community and family events mostly. As for me, we invited some friends to come over for a barbie. Oops… I meat barbecue 🙂 sitting by the pool, chillin’ n ‘grillin basically.
I don’t have to worry about the weather much, sausages are waiting in a fridge, so is the grog ( Aussie expression that stands for alcoholic beverages). It’s going to be very Australian and I am going to count all my blessings and this life I have will be one of them. I will post some photos tomorrow night.

And you, what are you grateful for today how will you celebrate Australia Day 2016? Leave a comment below!

To see how Alice Springs is celebrating Australia Day goAustralia Day  10425115_10204326556713568_4648026851921604624_n 14403_817041665005168_8086386816089567559_n10421366_10206725553606991_5213368268090782360_n12573162_10208902111779585_2116847983086860953_n

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Brisbane, here I come!

It’s the 13th of July 2013 and I’m getting ready to catch my early flight after 3 amazing days in Hong Kong. As my first stop and arrival destination in Australia I chose Brisbane, Qld. Arrived to the airport earlier then usual and excited about the next 12 months I’m going to spend Down Under.

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Got to the check in desk of Cathay Pacific Airline and after scanning my passport the desk lady is telling me, without a pardon, that the airline overbooked the flight and I will not be able to check- in and fly today. They did what??? I can’t get on a flight I booked months and months ago? Greedy b******, I thought and said I will fly to Brisbane today. Kes was already there waiting for me and this whole idea of not being able to get on the plane that I had my ticket for just seemed not right. Long story short, after talking to three other customer service representatives and a bunch of free coffee vouchers I got on board! Do not say NO to Ola when she goes to Wonderland!!! 🙂

And 10 hours later after very pleasant flight I arrived in Brisbane. It took me about 1.5- 2 hours to get though the customs as in front of me there was a Chinese family with three hundreds of boxes and suitcases that had to be scanned. I was expecting something like cages full of hens and a goat really, but it turned out to be bunch of household items like toaster, cutlery and microwave.  About 10 pm I got my second Aussie stamp in a passport and I was officially in Australia.

Brisbane did not surprise me much, I have been there before back in 2011 on short holiday and to me it’s just another city. Kinda boring. But for those who like quiet cities they would find it perfect for living, lots of green parks & gardens, good public transport connections and not too busy streets.

Accommodation: I stayed in Brisbane for nearly two week at Base Backpacker Hostel, in a 8 bed dorm, sharing space with funny French guy, curious Korean ex- soldier and a Swedish stripper. Now this is what you call a interesting mix of personalities. The room wasn’t flash at all, quilt and a pillow smelled of (probably tens if not hundreds) fellow travelers who slept in the same bed. That’s the reality of big hostel networks when all it matters is another backpacker spending $25  per night to sleep in slightly used bedding. We are all in the same trolley 🙂 or under the same cover should I say?

To be continued…



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Back on track


As the days go by and my time in Australia goes with it, it’s time to take it more seriously.
For the last couple of weeks I’ve been receiving lots of emails and messages regarding visas and living in Australia from Polish people residing Down Under.
I think for a start I will catch up day by day on my last 31 months in this beautiful country. I wish I was more regular blogger at the time so it would give people so many clues and a general image of my travels at the time, so for now I will have to rely on my memory and photos I’ve taken to bring up the story of my life.
I’m not a fan of replying 200 emails a day as I just simply don’t have much time for that. It’s sunny, there is a pool outside of my door and the dog who is always happy to got for a walk. Plenty to do outdoors. But the evenings are for writing. So keep it touch gals, and I’ll serve you a note from my arrival in Australia over 2,5 years ago very very soon 😉

Stay in touch with Wonderland!

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‘Sausage Fest- is it just for girls?’

As funny as it may sound, sausage fest is nothing that might cross a naughty mind. It’s actual sausage fest.

That’s one of the most amazing things about Alice Springs that makes this place so special to me. Saturday afternoon spent at the local sports club with a very small group of friends, sausage and a beer. Could you ask for more? Well, actually I could. The weather in Alice these days reaches 36 degrees by 11am, every day until the dry season starts. Pretty much you can sizzle your sausage without using barbie at all 😜 and pour the beer down on you to cool down. Oh wait, that all sound naughty again! Well, I guess just when it comes to sausage fest no matter how serious you’ll try to make it sound like, all the thoughts will go one direction. And that’s just fine.

So about the sausages: all the food was provided by local butcher with a choice of 22 flavours, including crocodile & cranberry, kangaroo, camel- oh how Australian of them, followed by more tasties such as pork & maple, Missisupi and American mild, chicken & herb, Turkish lamb sausage, Mexican chorizo and Italian mild. All $2AUD each served with fresh bread. On top of that there was a whole choice of locally made chutney and sauces and you could even purchase a bottle to take one home with you. So what would be your choice of the sausage?  Well, if you missed out today you still can find out next year as that’s annual thing in Alice Springs social  calendar 👍🏼🙏🏼🌭

This way I made my blog come back to life after couple of years. I’m grateful to my very special friend Rafi who reminded me that it’s all worth writing. I have so much to catch up on. Even just for two of us.



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